On your first session with Mike, he will share his experiences as an award-winning content creator so you can identify your voice and together come up with a practical game plan and tangible steps to begin your journey. 


“It’s important to find your voice and tell the stories that are important to you. Once you find your purpose, everything else falls into place.”

During the second and third sessions, he gives notes on your ideas and helps identify and overcome obstacles, so you are motivated and have the tools to complete your project. 

“It’s all about your belief system and discovering the stories you want to tell. Once you set your intention, you become unstoppable. After I wrote, acted, and produced my first show I would get asked what the biggest obstacles I overcame. It wasn’t budget, location or casting... it was the fear in believing that I could get it done.”

Don’t wait for someone to produce your project. Get it done now or it will never happen.

acting Coach

Mike is proud to be a Lifetime Member of The Actor’s Studio. He is honored to join the family of such incredible actors like Al Pacino, Ellen Burstyn, Martin Landau and Bradley Cooper, to name a few. He has been a working actor for 20 years and has appeared in over 40 National Commercials and been the voice of many brands including Hyundai, Taco Bell, DirecTV, and Pennzoil. He has guest starred on many shows including NCIS, Brooklyn 99, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Mike coaches actors on auditions for TV, Film, and Theatre as well as voiceover and commercials. He also helps actors on their quest to find representation, however, he believes getting representation shouldn’t be the primary focus. 

“Do the work and focus on what’s in your control. 

I got my first series regular role on a Fox Pilot by the creators of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia because they saw an independent web-series

I created based on my life. They personally found a way to put me into their series.”



In Mike’s experiences working as an actor he has invested a lot of time delving into human behavior; how people respond to all kinds of events and situations in order to bring characters to life on stage and screen. Having been a professional stand-up comedian for 10 years he uses relatable stories from his life experiences to keep my audience engaged and inspired.


During his early years as a Latin teacher in Philadelphia and New York, he discovered his strength as an educator was in connecting with young men and women. He excelled at helping them understand their true potential. 

“My experiences as a performer and also as a childhood victim of bullying give me a specific understanding of ways to connect to young people so that they can find their own voice, and ultimately overcome their insecurities in order to create their own path.” 

This is what led him to become a motivational speaker where he speaks on a variety of topics and interacts with his audience. However, Mike’s message always focuses on the importance of one’s belief system and building the confidence to do what you love by unleashing the potential that is inside of you, waiting to be explored. 




Tel: 917-771-0961

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